Habitus aims to promote a new and better set of physical and mental habits, schemes of perception, classifications, appreciation, feelings and actions, on both a personal and societal level. We believe that value has to be understood first as something human, social and cultural, and not merely economic. Our community is built on empathy, creativity and responsibility as the key elements for designing a sustainable and lasting future. A widespread and culturally ingrained new habitus is what we strive for: collective culture and personal history to shape the body and mind of as many individuals as possible, with no boundaries.

Be the new habit.

Services we provide include:
• Brand Strategy
- identification of charismatic and differentiating elements of the brand
- structured analysis of the competitive arena (desk and in-context research)
- brand essence coding
• Brand activation through a variety of brand touch-points
- product strategy and design
- service and interaction design
- space and experience (including ephemeral) design
- events
- brand narrative, storytelling and communication
- brand insiders and advocates (brand amplifiers), VIP liaisons
- training (internal teams, commercial
• Public Speaking and Panel Contribution
• Workshop Design and Moderation
• Education, Training and Mentoring

Let’s talk.
For business inquiries, please contact us at: info (at) habit-us.com